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Carbon information

1. Specification illustration

1). Iodine number and CTC: indicate micropore number

2). Methylene Blue: indicate mesopore number

3). Caramel and molasses number: indicate macropore number

4). Bet surface area: indicate total surface area and adsorption power

5). Ash: indicate mineral substance content which is invalid for adsorption

6). Density: indicate mass per volume unit

7). Hardness: indicate resistance to attrition

8). Mesh size: indicate size

2. Particle size table


    Regular ranges:

    Uniformity Coefficient: 12x40mesh: <1.9;  8x30mesh: <2.1

    Effective Size: 12x40mesh: 0.55-0.75mm;  8x30mesh: 0.80 -1.0mm

    Mean particle diameter (average Size): 12x40mesh: 0.9 - 1.1mm;  8x30mesh: 1.4 -1.7mm


3. Activated carbons can adsorb the following substances for your reference


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