Steamed anthracite-coal based extruded (pellet) activated carbons

With diameters from 1mm to 5mm mainly used for gas treatment, solvent recovery and etc. in the form of regular or impregnated or acid-washed;


  1). All the above specification data will vary with coal changes, please connect us for latest updates.
  2). Can be customized.


Production process:

1. Washing crude coal to lower ash;

2. Crushing, powdering crude coal;

3. Mixing powdered crude coal with water and coal tar, then extruding, cooling and drying;

4. Carbonizing the extruded material in rotary kiln;

5. Activating of carbonizing pellet material in SLEP shaft furnace;

6. Screening the activating pellet material, uniforming and de-dusting;

7. Putting finished and eligible carbons into packages. 

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