Zinc chloride & Phosphoric acid & Steamed wood-based activated carbons

With mesh size 8X30, 8X80, 200, 325….mainly used for decolorization, refinement and purification in the form of regular or acid-washed;

 Can be customized.


Production process:

ZnCl2 and H3PO4 activation

1. Drying and sieving the sawdust of fir and pine;

2. Impregnating the sawdust with ZnCl2 or H3PO4 solution;

3. Carbonizing and activating the mixture in rotary kiln;

4. Rinsing activating materials to recover the ZnCl2 or H3PO4 and remove some impurities;

5. Drying;

6. Powdering;

7. Putting finished and eligible carbons into packages.


Steamed activation

1. Carbonizing materials by smolder in soil furnace;

2. Activating the carbonizing material in rotary kiln;

3. Granulating or powdering;

4. Putting finished and eligible carbons into packages. 

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