• Summary of Chinese export activated carbons during 2014
    During 2014, China totally exported around 250,000MT variouscarbons, around one fourth of which is wood-based carbons. The main export markets are Japan, South Korea, Holland, Beglium, USA and Italy.The main Chinese export provinces are Shanxi, Ningxia, Tianjin, Hebei, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiang
  • Cancelled tariff rate 0% on imported coals
    As of 15th October, 2014, ChinaMinistry of Finance cancelled the tariff rate 0% onimported coals to start levying 3% on imported anthracite coals and cokingcoals, levying 6% on imported bituminous coals, which would facilitate theprice stability and increases in domestic coals (including coals use
  • Cancelled antidumping tariff rate Eur323/MT on imported Chinese powdered carbons by EU
    On 27th September, 2014, the EUdeclared it would cancel the antidumping tax on imported Chinese powderedcarbons, which was started from 1996.
  • Check on exported activated carbons by CIQ
    As of 1st January, 2012, ChinaInspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) started to execute checks on allexported coal-based activated carbons with HS code 380210 9000, after checks ofquality, the CIQ would issue a certificate, only by which, we could make exportdeclaration.
  • Cancelled VAT refund rate 13% on exported activated carbons
    As of 1st July, 2007, ChinaMinistry of Finance cancelled the 13% value added tax refund on all exportedactivated carbons and regarded the exported activated carbons as domestic salesto levy 17% value added tax, by which, China began to limit the export ofactivated carbons because most of them are pr
  • Levied antidumping tax on Chinese steamed activated carbons by US
    As of April, 2007, US decided to levy 61.95to 228.11% antidumping tax on Chinese steamed activated carbons, the case hadbeen initiated by Calgon and Norit in February, 2006.
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