About GC

Shanxi Gobon Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. ( Gobon short for Good Carbons - GC ) 

is a professional & dedicated supplier for various virgin good-quality activated carbons, its key staff used to work in food export industry to Japan and have dedicated to activated carbon export supplies for more than 20 years. We daily focus on customers’ requirements and live for continual creating values for customers by improvements and hard works.


With our years of mature supplying experiences and standard operations, by which we assure cost-saving for customers, we can easily & quickly understand your requirements to facilitate the smooth cooperation and assure consistent supplies with price advantages and quality assurance. All we do is based on long-term cooperation.


Our Mission:

To green the earth and to blue the sky~

To let every customer sleep well every night and to develop better by cooperating with us, because we filter out consistent Good Carbons by dedications & hard works and supply as per latest lowest prices.


Our vision:

By daily continual improvements and hard works, to be the better supplier in China.


Our culture:

Happiness, Credit, Responsibility, Loyalty, Improvements, Strictness


What we offer:

Steamed bituminous-coal based granular Good Carbons

Steamed anthracite-coal based extruded (pellet) Good Carbons

Steamed bituminous & anthracite -coal based powdered Good Carbons

Chemically & Steamed wood-based granular & powdered Good Carbons

Steamed coal-based Good activated coke for desulfurization & denitrification


How we assure quality:

Good quality is our life and years of supplying reality makes us full of confidence in our quality;

To reference HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) for food safety assurance to strictly control carbon production and quality;

Our years’ of rich experiences and standard operations make us clearly know how to control the quality effectively;


Why choose us:

Because we purely focus on the carbon production & quality control & customer service;

Because we have more than 10 years’ dedicated supplying experiences;

Because we very clearly know the importance of business credit;

Because we ever experienced some failures to make us have more successes today;

Because we grow with daily improvements & down-to-earth hard works;

Because we care about you - as our lifetime friends.


We are the Good Carbons with:

firm hardness,                 satisfying density,

comfortable mesh-size,   thirsty moisture,

safe ash,                         iodine adsorbing sunny life,

musical CTC,                  Chinese methylene blue,

rational pH,                     limited floatation

sincere bet surface area,  careful service and cost-effective prices,

to green the earth and to blue the sky~

Value-added & service center
Shanxi Gobon Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
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